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Monterey Park, California mass shooting during Lunar New Year celebrations

California Gov. Gavin Newsom speaks with members of the media during his visit to Monterey Park on Monday. (David Butow/Redux for CNN)

California Gov. Gavin Newsom said Monday he was able to meet with some victims and families of the Monterey Park massacre, including a man whose bones were shattered.

“I met with a victim in the ICU last night that may not make it. And, you know, shared my quiet thoughts to the victim. That’s intense. What a privilege for me to be able to see him. I met a victim and his son, his mom speaks Cantonese, and a translator,” the governor told CNN.

Newsom continued: “And while that young man is in the bed with shattered bones, he’s saying, ‘How many days do I have to be here because I can’t afford this hospital? How many days am I going to be here because I’m scared I’m gonna lose my job in the warehouse? Can you help me?’ So I’ve met with the victims and their families. And I hope we remember those folks too. Not just the people that died.” 

Newsom also commended the resiliency of the local community.

“There’s one thing yesterday and today that gives me some hope and confidence. It’s how resilient this community is. How close-knit the community is,” the governor said.

Newsom said that he also spoke to a business owner who knew the suspect well and told him he “was a good customer for years” and he “never saw this happening.” 

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